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Please note that many of the forms below are PDF files and will require that you to print and fax them to Headquarters (Fax: 703- 968-2878). Please call 703-968-2772 if you have any questions.

2012-13 APRA Membership Directory  Order form
This online resource of OE technical bulletins featuring vehicles since 1987 currently features over 85,000 service bulletins with more added on a daily basis. Available to APRA members for only $100 a year (or $10 per month). Order form
This website contains more than 124,056 wiring diagrams for over 6,227 vehicle applications from 1985-2008. It is powered by information from Mitchell1. Turn to the wiring diagrams at when you are trying to properly diagnose the vehicles problems; when you need to solve the most difficult electrical problems; when all the different types of electronics on today’s vehicles have you puzzled, or when you are trying to figure out if you have a battery problem, a tail light failure, a starter problem, a window motor malfunction or something else related to the electrical system. Available to APRA members for only $325 a year, or $30 per month.

Kwikfinder Kwikfinder is an application, breakdown, and picture guide for starters and alternators using the Lester cataloging system.
European Automotive Remanufacturing: Technical Trends & Market Development (2012) - 165 page book edited by Fernand J. Weiland, Co-chairman of APRA’s Electronics & Mechatronics Division. Sections in the book include: 

Remanufacturing: The Ultimate Form of Recycling   - The purpose of this book is to promote the concept of remanufacturing as the ultimate form of recycling to all sectors of the general population.

Remanufacturing: Operating Practices & Strategies (2008)
- A report published by Boston University on the remanufacturing industry examines practices and strategies employed by firms in the industry. Prepared by professors William Hauser and Robert T. Lund, the 112 page report focuses on the business of remanufacturing, the industry dedicated to restoring life to a wide range of durable products, from lubricating oils to locomotives.

Remanufacturing Automotive Mechatronics & Electronics - This 122 page book by Fernand J. Weiland, Chairman of APRA’s Electronics & Mechatronics Division, organized and edited this book to inform the remanufacturing community on the upcoming product changes and encourage them to embrace these new technologies. Weiland stated, “These changes are not a threat but an opportunity.” Sections of the book include:

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